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One Session Stop Smoking

Smoking is becoming increasingly unacceptable and the health issues are well known yet many people struggle to give up this unpleasant habit. By the time a smoker reaches my consulting room they have tried all kinds of treatment, most of which focus on the 'physical cravings', which have failed for them. So why is hypnosis for smoking cessation so successful?
Smoking is a learned psychological habit rather than a strong physical addiction. Far from wanting it, your body is in a constant state of physical stress fighting to deal with the toxins in each cigarette and it is calmer and more balanced when it is no longer subjected to them.
We are all constantly adapting behaviours, dropping things when they become inappropriate and limiting, and learning something new - we have to change to survive. However, sometimes we create 'mental' blocks like a smoking habit that just won't shift no matter how hard we try. In hypnosis the therapist and client can communicate with the parts of the mind where the habit is housed and through relevant suggestions deal with the learned triggers and associations and strengthen motivation to be a non-smoker.

Why one session only?

A one- session approach is all that is needed in majority of cases. When a person is motivated to stop, ceasing smoking is straightforward using hypnosis because the suggestions quickly deal with the triggers and fears and remove the mental 'blocks' Follow-up sessions are rarely required but can be arranged to resolve any final stubborn aspects of the habit

How long does the session last?

The session lasts 2 hours during which I will take a full-case history, answer any questions you may have and allay any anxieties.

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is a safe, naturally occurring state we enter into everyday. You are always in control no matter how deeply in hypnosis during a session. I am like a navigator using a number of techniques to help you achieve something you are finding difficult to resolve consciously on your own.

What is the success rate?

I only see people once therefore the only way I know whether I am successful is if that person chooses to call and let me know or I receive referrals. Half of my smoking clients come from referral clients some of whom I may have treated years ago and half come from other sources. Approximately a third of all my clients have been Smoking clients.

Hypnobirthing and Obstetrics

Birthing is a natural process that the body is designed to carry out. It should be a positive empowering experience carried out without fear and unnecessary tension.

I am a mother of two and I used hypnosis for the birth of my second child 13 years ago. Although my husband was unable to attend and I had no birthing companion, this second birth proved to be a most wonderful experience and prompted me to train to be a Hypnotherapist.

I have given lectures to local midwives both at the local hospital and the Birthing Centres who were keen to find out more about the role of hypnosis during birth. In view of the recent government concerns at the rise in number and complications caused by caesarean birth both to the mother and the on going development of the child, there is a move in the field of Obstetrics to promote the proven benefits of hypnosis as a natural aid during delivery.

Childbirth is a normal physiological function that the body is designed to carry out without fear and anxiety. Pain is intimately linked to fear. The mother's body is working hard, her muscles can become fatigued but labour should not a 'painful' experience. Unless there is some physical problem with the mother or the child, the need for medical intervention is not required. When the mother feels supported, at ease and self-confident and is breathing correctly, her body will release her baby without any need for interference or forced pushing.
Hypnosis for Childbirth helps because it :
  • 1. helps reduce morning sickness
  • 2. increases the mother's confidence
  • 3. reduces anxiety therefore preventing the fear/tension/pain cycle
  • 4. promotes physical and mental well-being for both the mother and the baby before/during/after birth
  • 5. Helps promote/suppress lactation
  • 6. can help the mother overcome limiting beliefs and past traumas relating to childbirth
  • 7. Help the mother relax in the weeks prior to/during and after delivery
  • 8. Reduce the likelihood of post-natal depression
Use of Hypnosis during childbirth has been proven in Clinical trial carried out by midwives to:
  • 1. Reduce the need for medical intervention
  • 2. Reduce labour by up to 4 hours
  • 3. Reduce the need for suturing after delivery
  • 4. Increases the mother's sense of fulfilment and positive feeling about her birthing experience
  • 5. Reduce recovery time after birth
  • 6. Increase Agpar scales
I am a Registered Hypnobirthing practitioner (see link) and see expectant mothers in groups and on a one-to-one basis. Birth partners are welcome in the sessions as they can learn helpful techniques and enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis during labour. I see mothers for 3/4 sessions depending on how close to delivery they are at time of contact. Even one session can greatly enhance the process of labour and I create individual tapes that the mother can listen to outside our sessions. Success is greatly increased when the mother commits to practicing the simple powerful techniques outside of our sessions.
One of the most important aims is to educate the mother about the process of birth and to empower her deeply so that she is able to make the best choices for herself and her baby through labour whether she is having a home birth or is in hospital. Hypnosis is SAFE and can be used alone or alongside medical interventions.
Hypnosis for Obstetrics and Fertility is one of the most rewarding areas in which to work and I have received many wonderful cards, photos and phone calls from mothers who have had a positive birth experience following our sessions.
(see testimonials)

Anxiety and Panic

With the increasing stresses and strains in our daily lives physical, emotional and mental balance is easily upset. Whether we experience general anxiety or a full-blown panic attack it can be very uncomfortable and limiting. Anxiety and panic can be the body's survival mechanism acting as a wake-up call that life-style, habits, beliefs or behaviours need to be changed. GP s are seeing more and more incidents of panic in their surgeries and are having to prescribe medication to patients to dull the symptoms but this does not deal with the root cause.
I advise people to see their GPs to check there are no physiological reasons for their panic. Hypnotherapy can be safely used alongside and enhance the effectiveness of medication. I can help you to cope with the physical and mental effects of panic, resolve the root cause (if necessary) and re-balance and calm the system naturally using special techniques that you can use beyond my consulting room.
I have experience treating a wide range of factors that contribute towards anxiety, including social, exam nerves, interviews, driving and tests, excessive sweating and panic attacks.

Sports Performance

It has long been recognised that sports performance can be affected by mental attitude. In order to perform to your maximum, not only is it necessary to have the skills and physical fitness but a positive mental attitude, focus and sense of self-belief that you can achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy can help to remove negative beliefs, re-frame mistakes so that you focus on the positive learning rather than the failure, boost self-esteem and help you to set strong goals - when the negative baggage has been cleared out of the way and you know exactly where you are going, you mind will fill in the gaps to get there!

Stress/IBS/Skin Disorders

Stress is a modern day problem. Life is becoming ever faster and the demands put upon us can be immense. We are designed to be able to withstand short bursts of stress but when this state persists it can upset the nervous system and create neurotic behaviour (such as phobias and OCDs) and/or physical imbalances.
When we are in a stress state we exhibit a primal response called the fight or flight response that sets up a chain of physiological changes. Our breathing becomes irregular and this causes excessive adrenaline production. Panic can ensue, feelings of dissociation, nervous behaviour, digestive disorders and imbalances in the skin (which is created from the same cells as the central nervous system in our early development as a foetus).

Research has shown that IBS is strongly linked to stress. It is essential that you contact your GP to be properly diagnosed before consulting a therapist. Once diagnosed, using relaxation techniques to calm and balance the system and resolving the underlying psychological causes if necessary, hypnotherapy and EFT can be enormously beneficial to alleviate symptoms.
Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, warts and general itching can be relieved with hypnotherapy. The skin is formed from the same cells as the nervous system in the foetus and when the nervous system is unbalanced due to stress the skin can suffer accordingly.


Insomnia sufferers are normally extremely tired, but unable to turn off the noise or chatter in their mind. It can develop and be exacerbated because of a number of different factors including personality type, a reaction to a worrying time or specific traumatic event, childhood trauma, clinical depression, chemical/hormonal imbalances or side effects from medications. Hypnotherapy using EFT and EMDR can be particularly beneficial to clear the root cause and the simple techniques I will teach you, if practiced regularly, will aid your speed of recovery and reduce your anxiety.

Headaches and Migranes

It is essential to have a diagnosis by the Doctor prior to treatment but should you find that headaches and migraines are caused and exacerbated by stress I can help alleviate the pain and calm the system. Migraines and headaches can be the mind's inappropriate coping mechanism to the 'headache' situations and people you have to deal with in your daily life and through hypnosis you can learn and discover how to handle these challenges more appropriately.


Fears and anxieties about specific situations or objects are common-place and can either be managed, avoided or dissolved naturally but they can increase to a level that renders an individual extremely phobic. There are literally hundreds of recognised phobias and one can be phobic about anything. Sometimes there is a rational cause to the phobia that then grows out of all proportion to the event and sometimes there seems to be no rational explanation at all. Phobias can be learned from others e.g. parents or symptoms and exacerbated by stress. Once the fear has been learned it tends to get reinforced in similar situations and becomes more elaborate.
Phobias are relatively simple to treat using a combination of hypnosis, EFT and EMDR. Even when a phobia has been experienced for many years it may be removed in one or two sessions. It is important to test the results to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment by exposure to the anxiety provoking stimulus and so a Contract for Action is agreed between the Client and Therapist at the outset of treatment.
Fears and Phobias I have experience in treating include heights, public speaking, animals, failure, tubes, being sick, flying, dentist, claustrophobia, needles and White Coat syndrome.

Weightloss and Eating Disorders

Weight Loss

DIETS DON'T WORK! Increasingly it is being recognised that dieting is ineffective and often counter-productive for weight loss. Healthy balanced eating and regular exercise has always been the answer but, for many people, it is a struggle to maintain this regime due to sabotage and loss of motivation.
Hypnotherapy tackles the negative beliefs and behaviour about eating many of which have developed through childhood. Weight loss is not just about what we eat but how we feel and we often experience negative feelings in our gut inappropriately soothing those feelings with food. Food can be used as a means of control e.g. anorexia and bulimia or sometimes it is simply that we are unable to adapt the amount we eat to a change in our life-style e.g. change in profession or an injury.
It may seem as if there is a constant battle going on in your mind when you are faced with your daily decisions about food. By setting healthy goals in hypnosis, clearing the mental blocks and practicing some simple techniques on a regular basis, the struggle can end so that you WANT to choose the healthy options, respect your body and stop the sabotage. I recommend 2 or 3 sessions initially followed by top-up 1 hour sessions over time

Other Eating Disorders

I treat a wide range of eating disorders on a regular basis, including binge eating, bulimia nervosa, limited diet, unwanted cravings e.g. chocolate. For more information please contact me.

Other Symptoms

I can also treated a series of unwanted habits, including nail biting, picking, hair pulling/ trichotillomania. I also have experience treating jealousy and swearing. Please feel free to contact me to see if I can help you.