"Veni, Vidi, Vici! (I came, I saw, I conquered) Thank you"
- Mr. C, Salisbury (Height Phobic of over 40 years sent postcard from the London Eye)

"Thank you for all your help this year, I feel so much more confident and I am really excited about my plans for the New Year"
- Mrs. L, Andover (Self-esteem patient)

"I had the home-birth I wanted... you wouldn't have thought I was in labour from the video, it was calm and it was really great... thank you very much... my daughter was so calm after the birth... if I have another baby I will be back in touch"
- Mrs. S, Andover (Childbirth)

"Haven't really needed to use the tapping. I know I will never smoke again, it's been so easy, thank you"
- Mrs. O, Cornwall (Smoking)

"You have really helped me put things into perspective and I am so looking forward to life instead of always looking back"
- Mrs. T, Andover (Bulimia)

"The hypnosis has been wonderful. I am still practicing the techniques and I am sleeping so much better"
- Mr. F, Andover (Insomnia)

"I cannot begin to describe the effect its had - my check went better than I could have ever hoped and I feel better and more relaxed generally. You are a star and I will remain very grateful"
- Mr R, Basingstoke (Exam nerves)